not your average photographer




Confinement LightBoxes are the creation of digital photography turned analogue with a three-dimensional quality...The practice of isolation comes natural in a photographic darkroom. With the current climate of confinement–a lack of accessibility to supplies– these light boxes encompass various themes consistent with my time in isolation. A daily walk in my neighbourhood kept things tolerable; bringing my camera liberated my creativity. Processing 35mm negatives, making enlargements in the darkroom, copy stand photography and transfers to Plexiglass allowed me to truly embrace my roots. The processes are challenging and time consuming, but I had to make the most of what I could get my hands on during my time in isolation. The frames are made of recycled ends of wood found lying around the studio. The Plexiglass is upcycled from cut pieces of old frames. Keeping true to the gritty imagery, I’ve burn treated the frames, giving them remarkable texture, highlighted by a dry brush technique. These light boxes are like windows into my mind’s eye. Underlining my strength in multiple exposure photography with a unique view into my time of confinement.